Boat is Sold!

For Sale: 2000 Ranger R81

Price: $14,000.00


I am selling a 2000 Ranger R81vs with a 2000 175hp Evinrude RAM Ficht Engine with a 25" Renegade 4 Blade Prop ( tuned by Rich Boger ). It has a 24V Motorguide 64lb variable speed trolling motor with Gator mount.

I am the original owner of this boat. It was ordered in the summer of 1999. I took delivery of the boat in the fall of 1999. As some will notice, I ordered this boat with a custom color scheme. As far as I know it is the only R81 with these colors. The boat runs in the low to mid 60's with a good hole shot. It makes for a quick stable fishing platform that it very maneuverable in tight spaces. The ride is above average for a boat of this size. It makes an excellent tournament boat. I am of course bias, but I think this was one of the best VS series boats Ranger ever produced. At 1350lb It's hull is significantly lighter than most of the current 18' VS models. This typically yields better performance, ride and fuel economy. As you can see below, the boat has many convince options.

I am selling the boat simply because I do not get to use it as often as I did in the past. I now spend most of my limited "fishing time" on smaller lakes that do not allow gas engines. I can schedule an on the water evaluation of the boat on Lake Allatoona.

I have the software and serial cable for the engine. I can verify the number of hours on the engine and how many hours the engine has been run at a given RPM. So far this chart shows that the engine has a total of 125hours on it. As the chart in the pic below shows, the engine has not been abused. It has only spent 1% of it's life running in the 5000-6000rpm range. The vast majority of the time was spent running in the 3000-4000rpm range. This usually put the boat at about 40-45mph. The software is also a useful diagnostic tool for the engine. I have never had any problems with the engine. However, the oil pump had to be replaced because it was accidentally damaged during a routine water pump change out. I am not sure how it happened, but the tech bent the pump housing causing a small crack that of course leaked oil. I have not had any trouble out of it since it was Replaced. I also have a new set of platinum plugs for the engine, but they have not been installed. The engine is due for a water pump change. It is pumping fine, but I do not like to let them go over two years even though it has not been run much in the last couple of years.

I have had several inquiries about how hot the boat gets in the summer. I live and fish in Georgia and the boat does not get any hotter in the summer sun than any dark color like red, blue or green boat. Like most new boats, the clear coat reflects much of the sunlight. It does of course get hotter than a white boat. I also doubt that you would want to fish bare foot in the bright summer sun and put your feet on the black gel coat. The light tan carpet of course significantly cuts down on the summer heat. I am sure most fishermen realize that the carpet color contributes to heat more than the hull color. I have fished in white boats with black or dark red carpet that were significantly hotter. I have fished in the hottest part of the summer and it was tolerable... Now the black portions of the seats are another story. They get quite hot. I wish I had ordered solid tan seats. I usually put a towel on the driver/passenger seats in the summer months ( although it feels great on a sunny winter day )

I am willing to carry the boat to any of the local boat mechanics to have the engine/boat checked out. However, this will only be done if you pay ( in advance ) for the cost of the inspection. The boat will be sold on an as is basis.

Boat Options:

*Custom Hull Color
*Hot Foot Throttle Control
*SeaStar Hydraulic Steering
*Remote Oil Fill ( factory Installed )
*Retractable Rod Tie Downs on Front Deck ( factory Installed )
*Detwiler 6" Manual Jack Plate( Dealer Installed )
*Turn Single style tilt/Trim ( Dealer Installed )
*3 Bank Ranger Pro Style Charger
*Two Group 27 AC Delco Voyger Deep Cycle Batteries
*One Group 29 Cranking battery
*Disc Brakes on Trailer
*Ranger Retractable Tie Down Straps ( factory Installed )
*1/2 Deck Extension with Hole to access center seat base
*6' Hamby Beaching bumper ( Factory installed )
*Custom passenger side glove box ( made from aluminum )
*Custom Boat Cover.
*OMC DOS based software and Serial Programming cable for the engine.


*Lowrance X65 on the console with a hull mounted transducer with external water temp sensor.
*Flush mounted Eagle CUDA 128 graph on bow with water temp guage built into the transducer.

Boat Specifications From 2000 Ranger Catalog:

Length 18'-9"Beam90"
Port Rod Box8'-2"Starboard Rod Box7'-2"
Inside Depth21"Transom Height23 1/2"
Max HP175Approx. Weight1350lb
Fuel Capacity40gal  

Additional Pictures ( click on picture to enlarge ):

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